Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ok, here is what I am working on now!

Well, here is part of what I am working on. Her name is Blair. She is my witch head. I am not sure if I should put her on a bobbin or just attempt to make her a body. The thought is scary. I never really attempted to make a doll before. Maybe, I might put this one on a bobbin and make another one but with a body. Not sure yet. I may have to find some courage. LOL. But I thought I would share. And I am still going to have my giveaway. I have 86 followers so far! Only 14 more! Yippee! So, hopefully soon I will post the giveaway and all the rules for it. I am so excited on this one. It is my first one and it is a good one! Lots of great goodies! Thanks for taking a peek! Have a great week everyone!



Here are a few more shots of Blair:

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Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

To me, she is beautiful! I love the mole!
★ Linda ★

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

blair witch is really did a great job..keep up the great work.;)

Primfills said...

Hi Gen! She is just super cute!! I love her! I think a bobbin would be adorable! You know what else, wouldn't she be so sweet on a big rusty spring too! Oh, she is absolutely charming! xox

Primfills said...

P.S. I forgot to mention how much I love the hairs coming from her wart button! LOL!! LOVE IT! Way too cute Gen! She will be a huge hit!

~Judy~ said...

HA! I love the hairs from her wart button too!! She's creppy cute!!


Patti said...

Gen...she's so adorably the mole thing goin' could make a pattern with the head and body attached together then just add the arms & legs....woohoo your almost at 100. I'm at 92 so far...just posted a new FREE sheep pattern for my prim friends....

oldepearprimitives said...

@ Jobeth,you know I didn't even think of a rusty spring. Thanks, that might be better for her.
@ Patti, I will have to go check out your pattern and download it. Going to go head over there right now.
And thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. I am actually working on a big version of her with a little kitty. i'll post pics when she is finished. Thanks for all your advice!

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