Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunburnt Cow Ezine is hot off the press!!!!!

My shoo fly tutorial was recently featured in the new Sunburnt Cow Ezine. And let me tell you, this new ezine is just wonderful. Though it is in the infancy stage it is full of interesting articles and how to's.  Plus, you too can be featured in the ezine if you have something to contribute.
Or, do you have a question about an item or how to make something?  Just write your query to iluvffmn at yahoo d0t com with the subject line of "Ezine article." And you can have your question answered in the next edition or even your article! How cool is that?!
But make sure you head on over to read the very first addition.  Just click on the link above and enjoy!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little look see around my home....

Ok, first I must warn you. There may be some random mess and boxes in the below pictures. And there may be quite a few of pictures. But I really wanted to share with you all some inside pictures of my home. :) 
I hope soon to have it all in order.......fingers crossed. Tee..hee...

Left side corner of kitchen

Missed my lil' red cupboard

Right side of cupboard

Kitchen enterance

Top of cabinets

This hutch my mother bought from the woman we bought the home from. It was a gift for the house. I love it! I can actually now put out my pewter collection

Uno sunbathing.......spoiled furball.

Fireplace. It is in a funny corner in my living room and it is always dark. I need to figure out a way to lighten up the corner.

Family room

Messy family room. Still trying to find homes for everything.

Door to garage in family room.

Beautiful french doors that lead from the family room to the dining room. Love them!!

My dry sink in the dining room. I missed that too!

More mess and the peak through to the dining room

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed a little peak inside the Lugo family home. I will try to post some more when I get rid of this mess. LOL...but stay tuned for my swapaway and my feature in a new ezine that I will share the link with all of you! Oh, and have a wonderful, safe, and joyous 4th of July!

Big hugs,

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