Thursday, November 17, 2011

Been awhile......

Sorry it has been quite some time for me to make a new post. Life has gotten the better of me these days. I began working again after being a stay-at-home mom for 9 years. It has been a big change for me. Now I have very little time for blogging or crafting. Plus, I have been painting rooms in my new home trying to make it "Ours". I really wanted to do a giveaway last month but I just had no time to devote to it. :(  And I feel really bad after winning Kimberlee's giveaway over at her blog, The Patriot Home Place, and not posting pictures. Please forgive me Kimberlee. :(  these pictures are very long over do.
Beautiful Crow Candy Mold

Primtastic braided rug mat!

This wonderful candle. I have to add that this candle fills my whole house with yumminess! I love it!
I also received a wonderful pumpkin and a gorgeous fall candle wreath. But I have put away my fall items soon after Halloween so I couldn't get them pictured. I now have my house decked out in Christmas attire lol. I would love to show all of you my home but it is soooooooooo cluttered and messy I am so embarrassed. I have stencils and boxes strewn around. And not to mention my boys toys and socks.  So, hopefully this weekend it will all be spotless. Fingers crossed. But before I end this post I was thinking of doing an ornie swap. I love to do swaps and since I don't belong to forums anymore I haven't been able to do one. So, I was thinking of doing one myself. It wouldn't be anything big. Just one ornie you would have to make. I will keep you all posted when I will be starting it. But thanks again to all of you who still read my blog! I really do appreciate all of you!


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