Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grunging Cheap Battery Operated Candles

This tutorial is an easy and inexpensive one anyone can do! Who needs to buy the expensive ones when you can do them yourself.

  • First you need to purchase some battery operated candles. I got mine at walgreens but you can get them at the dollar store or any craft store. I got the ugly red and green ones no one wants and they were only 5 bucks for 6 of them.

  • Next, you will need the following:  Brown paint (Only if you bought ugly colored ones. If they are white ommit the brown paint.) Modge Podge, paint brushes, Grunge (Consists of instant coffe. I used an instant cappuccino instead of the instant granuals. I like the texture better. And a blend of all spice, cinnamon,and ground cloves.), and masking tape.
  • Take your masking tape and wrap it aroung the fake flame. This will protect it from the glue,paint, and grunging.

  • If you bought the uglies paint them brown and let dry. You may have to put two coats of paint on if you have a dark color. I had dark green and put two coats on. But if you want some of the green to show through the grunge then use just one coat.

    • After the paint is dry you can go ahead and grunge them. If you did not have any ugly colors or if you want some of the color to show through skip the painting step and continue on to grunging. To grunge you will need to paint your candle with Mod Podge. Then dip into your grunge and roll all around. DO NOT SHAKE OFF!  Ignore this temptation! Once dry you can brush on some more Mod Podge and roll again. When it is covered to your liking you can put a final coat of Mod Podge on or spray a clear varnish on to protect you candle and keep the grunge on.

    • Once it is dry remove the tape and enjoy! Now you have you own grungy battery operated candles with out paying an arm and a leg for. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will be posting some more as I go. Enjoy your candles!


    Civil War Jill said...

    Great tuturial!! I agree, save your money and do it yourself! I did that last year with those small ones and they look really good!

    country cottage said...

    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

    Debbie said...

    Thank you for the great tutorial! Would be nice on the forum.... *hint* *hint*


    Babette said...

    Great idea, I will give it a try.

    Deb (Crafty Ladies) said...

    Thanks so much for sharing your money-saving tips and techniques.

    Julie said...

    Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed visiting! I will try this for sure.

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