Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!!

Here is my radio flyer I used this summer. I think for Christmas this year I am going to put a tree in it. Not too sure yet. I love Christmas and can't wait to get started on the decorating. I am going to go out and look for a sled to put on my front porch this year. And some old skates to put in a wreath that I might later sell. Speaking of selling..........I don't know where to begin. I am confused as to which venue I should start with. Should I go with the internet and sell on ebay or on my own website? Or should I start a local following and sell at flea markets and shows? Or should I do all the above?  I tried to join forums and get some sort of help or ideas but no one seems to want to help a newbie out. So RUDE! I am going to try to find out by myself and log it down on my blog so others out there who are in my position can learn from my mistakes and my triumphs.  I think I decided on ebay for now and we are planning on a yard sale.  I am gonna sneak some of my stuff in there also to get an idea of what will sell. Fingers crossed I sell stuff. It's hard to jump right into it for me because I want people to like the stuff I make. I know I do. Rejection sucks.  LOL. But you never know unless you try right? So, here goes! I am gonna try. Wish me luck!

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