Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still Workin Hard!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is in about two weeks! I have to get on the ball and start getting my menu together so I know what things I will need. Not only do I have to do that, I have to finish my projects and crafts so I can start selling them. I have a few lined up but I want to make sure that I have plenty to sell. And I have to finish my site. I think I am going to go with another website company though. The one I am using right now is not working for me.  But I hope that once I do get it up and running I can sell alot of things to make some extra cash for Christmas. And Christmas is only 40 days away! Boy, I have got things to do for a lifetime. Thank goodness I don't have friends or family that live close by and want to come over because my house is a mess. I have been putting off house work in order to finish all of my projects. Oh well, back to work I go.

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