Monday, September 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas........

LOL.....yes. I am crazy for Christmas. And yes, I do have a tree up. LOL. But I have been working on some Christmas items and here is one of them. This is Stumpy. He is a pretty daper snowman if I do say so myself. He might want a nice cool home if anyone is interested. He is pretty easy to make and he is of my own design. Oh, and I have also been making some orange pomader ball ornaments for decorating your tree. Well, at the moment my tree *he he*. I am thinkin of putting up a tut on how to make them. But for now, here is Stumpy. Have a blessed week!


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Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

LOL, Gen!!
Just skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving, GF!!!
And I thought I put my tree up early!!!

Oh well, if it makes you happy, I say Go For It!!

Love your stumpy snowman and pomades.
I'm planning on making dried orange slices for one of my trees this years.


oldepearprimitives said...

LOL, yeah I get the Christmas itch early. But my tree is in my kitchen so no one can really see how nuts I am LOL. I usually put the big one up in mid november. My family just comes to expect this craziness. Oh well, thanks for stoppin by Tam!

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

I've had mine up in my sewing room all year!
When the tease commences, I just shut and lock the door..... till dinner time then I come out and sneer at em all till thet run quivering to the corner...... It's mine and I'll enjoy it ALL year thank you!!!
You go Girl Friend!
Plug it in, Plug it in!
(now that jingle will be stuck for a bit, Sorry)
Glad to see you plugin' away!

Donna said...

Move over Frosty,,,there's a new Snowman in town!!! Hes really cute sweetie!!! hugs!!!

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

cute stumpy snowman Gen!!

April Payton said...

i just love snowmen! ooooooooooo i like him i might have to get one from u. he will go good with my others! :) hehe:)

Nanna said...

I have to start Christmas in Oct , because I have Christmas Open house in Dec & every room is decked out but I save the Kitchen & living room for last so's people arent too shocked lol
sweet snowman! & the smell of oranges has got to be heavenly!

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