Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello to all! And Hello to the New Year!

It has bee quite a loooooooong while since I last made a post. Been a busy bee around here. I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year. I sure had a nice one. I am hoping things die down over here so I can have a giveaway. I wanted to do one for so very long. Maybe, fingers crossed, I can do one on my birthday which is right around the corner. Eeeek! I am going to be 30! Ugh, I can't believe how old I am getting. :( But with age comes wisdom, right? So, lets hope I get wiser on my birthday. :)

I hadn't been making anything in awhile, but for christmas I did get an order. A woman from the school my kids attend to asked me to make some of my snowmen for her. And also, I was her advent angel (or secret santa) which I participated in. I made her an angel. And here she is.......
Pretty cute?! I also just purchased my first wood pattern. I am going to try my hand at making a cupboard. I want to see if I like working with a new medium. I will let you know how it turns out. Hopefully, not crooked. LOL. But I want to thank you all for still hanging in there for me and reading my blog. Even though I have neglected it some, you're still here ((hugs)). And for those of you who have joined I welcome you with open arms and heart! God bless you all!

I am also in the works with a new blog. I was inspired to do a prims on a budget one after changing lifestyles and moving. I wanted to share some of my ideas and ways of getting the prims you want without spending a fortune. I will let you know when it's up and running.

But take care! And have a great week everyone!

Big Hugs!!!

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Sheila said...

Hi Gen!
Good to see you. Beautiful angel btw.
I'm sure you've missed crafting and we all missed you.
Have a wonderful week~

cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Gen,
I was thinking about you the other day...I was looking at all the goodies I have that you had made me.
Beautiful angel!!
Looking forward to seeing your new blog.
Have a great week.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hey Gen - nice to hear from you again! Your angel is sweet. I am looking forward to seeing your new blog...sounds great!

Olde Spoon River Homestead said...

Gen!!!! Welcome back sista!!!! How are you? I'm excited for your new blog that is a excellent idea for one!!!! Prims on a budget!!!! You gotta get ahold of me so we can talk either email me or pm me at Prim Pals Forum!!!! Big Hugs Casey

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hey Gen: Glad to hear from you!! Love your sweet angel...she's fabulous! Can't wait to see your new Prims blog!
Take Care,

oldepearprimitives said...

Awwwww....thanks girls. I missed you all too! And @ Casey,How are you!!!It has definitely been too long. I am sorry to say I am not on Prim pals anymore. But you can email me anytime by hitting the contact me button at the top of my page. I would love to bounce some ideas off on ya. :)

Take care and have a wonderful week everyone!


Firecracker Kid said...

Happy New Year Gen! Good to see you back. Well, that worked out just right for you, ending up her secret sister. She sure did get a gem of a dolly. Precious :o)

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Gen - glad you are posting again. You'll like woodworking. Let us see photos of your work in progress.
Your angel is gorgeous.

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