Monday, December 20, 2010

Prim Pal's "Be Mine" Ornie Swap!!!!!

Good Morning! We had such great response to our Christmas Ornie swap that we got together and decided to do a Valentine Ornie Swap. Many of us have little prim trees that we would love to decorate through the different holidays and seasons so here we go!

Sign ups are going to be taken from now until Sunday, December 26th.

For the Christmas swap we had three groups but this all depends on how many of us want to sign up. If you want to do more than one group, please let us know. A group will be no more than 10 to a group.

Names will be distributed on December 28th. Since this is getting close we decided that ornies should be mailed out NO later than January 15th. (confirmation is a must)

Postage of $8.00 should accompany your package. ($1.00 additional postage if you do more than one group.) Ornies do not have to be wrapped unless you want too BUT they should be signed so we know who made what.

Ornies will be sent out on January 22nd. With these time restraints this should give us at least two weeks to display. (the next holiday should be better)

How do you sign up?

Just go to the forum and sign up because we would love to have you join us!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You ladies are always getting ready for Valentine's Day...I love following along to see what you all create!

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